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We provide a wide variety of fence materials and styles. With our experience we can help design and install the right look and needs for your property. 


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 We have over 14 years of experience in building fences for our residential community

We can customize your fence to give curb appeal, as well as, provide safety and value to your


At Mule Fence our customers are family. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction.  

We use high-quality materials to ensure that our fences last.


We are licensed and bonded professionals who take pride in the quality of fences we build. 


Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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wood fence perspective view
Image by Joshua Hoehne
Chain link fence
Close up Chain Fence. Metal mesh .  White tone
Black Metallic Fence_Chain Link fence with privacy slats_Linked Fence_Winged Slats for Cha
iron wire fence texture in a warehouse, closeup of photo
White Fence
Iron Fence Installation

Fencing Materials


Red Wood



Cedar is a durable and long lasting wood. It is naturally resistant to insects and decay. Cedar looks great for your privacy fencing . Ask about installing Cedar fence with Post Masters for a longer fence life and less maintenance.

How to Build a Wood Fence with the Longe

Post Master 

Post Master + is a versatile and stylish addition to your fence. It gives both sides of the fence a finished look. No poles to look at. Great for a neighbor fence. It can also withstand up to 73 mph winds. Post Master + adds strength and longevity to your wood fences. 


Rod Iron 

Rod iron or "wrought" iron is a stylish fencing for any property. Is is low maintenance and strong. It is an affordable fencing option that combines security and aesthetic to your property. Great for residential, commercial and industrial properties. 


Chain Link with Privacy Slats

Create more privacy and security with our privacy slates for chain link. Privacy slates come in different colors to help customize your fencing style. 

Chain Link

Chain link is a great cost effective way to provide safety and security to your property. It provides a barrier -free view, is durable and low-cost. 

Redwood is a great choice for privacy fencing. Its beautiful red color, durability and resistance to the elements makes it a great choice for fencing. It is naturally resistant to insects and decay. Standard height is 6 feet, but can be customized. Ask about Post Masters for the best quality and more sustainable wood fences. 



Vinyl fencing helps provide a beautiful and low-maintenance solution for your fencing needs. Vinyl comes in many different colors to meet your design preferences. 


Ranch Style Fencing 

Ranch- style fencing is a great look for any property without impeding your landscape views. It is also a great option for securing livestock and pets. It can be installed with wood or vinyl. 

SimTek ** New Product

Sim Tek is a patented molded fencing  that resembles real granite stone and wood grain. It comes in many different colors and styles. It is impact resistant, provides an excellent sound barrier and is low- maintenance. 


Split Rails

Split rail is a low maintenance fencing that brings country aesthetic to your property. It is a good option for larger livestock animals and when paired with wire mesh it can be great for small livestock or pets too. 

Barbed wire

Barbed wire is an economical fencing solution for safety and security. It is great for large acre properties or as an addition to chain link for added security. 


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